Summary and Recommendations for PRactice

I hope you are finding great value in our practice pronunciation program designed for you to polish specific sounds that are being miscommunicated. Please keep in mind that the team at Corporate Speech Solutions is always here to provide more personal and custom designed training virtually, to anywhere in the world, if you want to facilitate your success.

While learning how to change your way of speaking is important, it is only the first step to dynamic communication. In order to permanently improve your speech, it is critically important to regularly practice what you learn. This means breaking old habits.
Over time, you will find that you no longer have to concentrate on your way of speaking—it will become routine like any other learned skill. In the same way that you don’t consciously think about each move as you ride a bicycle, your new speech habits will become second-nature and require little to no conscious effort. Let others know that you are working to eliminate certain behaviors so they can help you to practice.

Tips to Incorporate Practice into Your Daily Life

The easiest way to ensure that you practice your new speaking habits regularly is to incorporate them into your daily life.


Each time you speak on the phone, concentrate on your speech, particularly your pronunciation and rate of speech. Remember strategic pausing!
When you arrive at work and say hello to your coworkers, pay attention to how clearly you speak. Take notice of any phrases or verbal routines that you rush through or stumble over. Each day, try to improve on these greetings.
Choose one colleague to be a “good speech reminder.” Each time you communicate with this person, think about using your new sounds as you speak. Soon, you will associate speaking with this person with good speech habits.
Over lunchtime, think about the interactions you’ve had so far that day. Make a mental note of what you were unhappy with, and how you can apply your new speech skills to improve communication. Then concentrate on these particular skills for the remainder of the day.
Wishing you great success! Please keep in mind, we at Corporate Speech Solutions are always here for you if you want to take your practice to the next level. We can work with you in person or virtually via Skype, Facetime or Zoom to provide more custom-designed training and success. We offer speech assessments which pinpoint the areas that need the most practice, as well as full-scale training programs in which you will work with a private speech trainer to facilitate your communication success. Whatever you decide, we are here for you. Just email or call us at 212.308.7725.

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