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Would you like an easier way to improve your English speaking pronunciation?

 Hi, Jayne Latz here, president and founder of Corporate Speech Solutions, LLC, where we help you say it better. I have developed a unique approach of self-training using a combination of visuals and audio guides to propel you along the road to English mastery. It's called "Saying It Better! A Visual Demonstration of the Sounds of Standard American English" and it's available as an online training program and DVD format.



“Saying it Better” was designed to assist you with your pronunciation of specific sounds in Standard American English. The goal is to improve the clarity of your speech. For example; if you know that you have difficulty with the /th/ sound, this program will help you to practice that sound.

What will you find in our program? Over 109 videos of practice with specific sounds with accompanying words and sentences containing the sounds.

What is not included in the program? An analysis of your individual sounds. This program is designed to practice. If you are interested in a private assessment of all your sounds in Standard American English, that can be arranged by emailing or calling 212.308.7725.

Remember, practice makes perfect!
Enjoy the practice!


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